Sensoria Fitness

Sensoria Fitness is a sports and fitness clothing company that aims to help its customers become better runners. It claims to prevent common injuries through a suite of sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and audio and video feedback. The company manufactures a full range of smart apparel including sensor-enabled sports bras and T-shirts that can monitor the wearer’s heart rate and Smart Socks that can detect foot landing, impact force and cadence. These garments transfer real-time data to the user’s smartphone or smartwatch.

Company History

Sensoria Fitness was founded in 2010 by Davide Vigano (CEO), Maurizio Macagno (CTO) and Mario Esposito (Innovation Advisor). Its headquarters are based in Redmond, Washington and the company has raised $5.6 million in funding.

Product lines

Smart Socks

Sensoria manufactures smart socks that come in grey with black reinforced toes and heels. According to the company, these socks coach users in real-time. Each sock has three textile pressure sensors embedded on the sole. These sensors detect whether the wearer is landing on the ball of their foot or heel-striking while they run. The socks contain copper-colored threads that relay this information from the sensors on to the anklet which also captures running performance metrics. The anklet transmits this data to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The socks are machine washable.

Smart Anklet

The Sensoria Smart Anklet consists of one row of 4 LED lights that give visual feedback. The band flashes solid green when the anklet is fully charged and amber when it is charging. The anklet contains a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks pace, speed, number of steps, cadence and distance. It relays this information to the Sensoria Fitness smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Smart T-shirt

Sensoria manufactures a slim fitting, light compression t-shirt that contains a heart rate monitor that is snapped in at the center of the chest area. This heart rate monitor connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. It also links to running watches or bike computers through Garmin’s ANT + wireless communication protocol.  Sensoria uses Emana Yarn, a technically advanced, durable fabric in the manufacture of the shirt. The yarn uses infrared technology that claims to protect the wearer from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also claims to improve skin elasticity and reduce muscle fatigue due to less oxygen consumption, which also helps in faster recovery times. The t-shirt is machine washable.

Smart Sports Bra

This sensoria smart sports bra comes with a heart rate monitor. Since consumers wear the Smart Bra over the heart, it provides more accurate data than a wrist device.

Target Market

Sensoria targets fitness enthusiasts and tech lovers that want to focus on form while still maximizing their workout.

Is there independent verification of whether the product works?

The company does not cite any independent studies to verify their claims.

Where to Buy

Sensoria has its products available via its website and amazon. People can also purchase from its brick and mortar stores in Milan, Rome, and Bergamo in Italy.


Sensoria smart socks starter pack costs $199. The starter pack contains two pairs of socks, one ankle cuff, and one charger. Users can buy additional pairs of socks at $49 per pair.

Smartphone Connection

Sensoria Fitness company has its own smartphone application; the Sensoria Fitness v2.0 App.  This application works with both Android and iOS devices. Users are expected to enter their height, weight, age, gender, and shoe size to customize workouts. This application has four modes: Foot View, Notification Page, Activity Status and a Virtual Coach.

The virtual coach is portrayed as a woman named Mara. This virtual coach is customizable and can be set to report every tracked metric in real-time. Mara gives both audio and video feedback at set intervals. Users can also personalize the virtual coach so that it reports only the type of information they want in their updates. Users can set it to give feedback on duration, distance, foot landing, speed, pace, cadence, current heart rate, calories burnt, and heart rate zone.

The Sensoria Fitness app can also play the metronome to help users keep up with their cadence on track.  The app also allows users to set long-term goals, be it weight loss, increase endurance or increase performance. If the user does not want to work with a goal, they also have a no-goal option. Users can pair it up with other apps including Strava, Endomondo, PolarBeat, MapMyRun, and others.

Contact Information

Sensoria Fitness

16225 NE 87th Street, Suite A-10,

Redmond, Washington 98052, US.

Phone: 425.533.2928

Fax: 425.636.8639


Sensoria Fitness offers consumers a Sensoria™ Electronics 1-Year Limited Warranty that is valid only in the United States, for products sold in the United States.  The company only warrants Sensoria™ fitness electronic devices against defects in materials and workmanship under regular use for 12 months from the date of purchase. During this period, should a hardware defect arise and a valid claim is made within the Warranty period, Sensoria Inc. will either repair the product at no charge using new replacement parts or exchange the product with a new or refurbished product.

For a consumer to qualify for the warranty service, they must deliver the product in its original packaging or packaging that provides the same degree of protection to the address supplied by Sensoria. They must also include prepaid freight.


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